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As I know I don't have a lot of money on my card I stop using it. big have been my surprise when I decided to check the card's activity and how much remain on it.

I've been charge almost 6 times the POS decline fee, $0.80 each time. The last one catched my attention, 2 days ago. I didn't use this card since about one month. Everything lead us to believe they find a reason to steal our money.

Although small it is, theft is theft and this need to stop. Just want to draw your attention on these facts.

Product or Service Mentioned: Global Cash Card Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Maybe if you had money on your card to begin with. They wouldn't charge you the fee.

Your card is being declined because your retarded.And proper English skills wouldn't hurt you.It is caught not catched. She Boone!


This popped up on my transaction history even after when I shredded my card already and haven't used it for a week.


Here it is a year later and their still doing the same thing. Is their any company's that don't steal from their customers, one way or the other.


How do we stop this


Everyone needs to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau regarding INGO's behavior.


Same exact thing happened to me! Kept taking it untill my balance was exactly $0.00.

The last charge was today, I haven’t used this card since the end of April. I would suggest taking all money off immediately if this is your pay card, and if not don’t use it at all.


This company is run by thieves from behind prison walls in Kenya!!!


BBB is probably sick of hearing about this POS scam of a company! How they are still in business is a mystery to me but the word is getting out and God as my witness I will do my best to warn others of this scam card! The reviews here alone should make anyone run for the hills away from this nightmare company!!!


I agree 100%! It's ***!


I reported them to Bbb called me back but problem unresuloved report them don't let them get away with it


Bad company don't recommend to anyone

to Tameka06 #1443336

I agree!!! Worst scam that I fell for ever but free from their anal raping now! Pray all their victims wise up and trash their GCC cards and run for the hills asap!!!

Global Cash Card Verified Representative

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.Unfortunately we are unable to locate your account with the information provided.

Please contact me at 888-220-4477 Ext.268 so we can further assist you with reimbursing those fees.

to BlancaMtz #1558615

I'm also being charged when I haven't used the card. 80 cents each time to be exact.

Just like the other users. Don't want reimbursement, only want it stopped.

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