I have a DD account and to start with everything was ok. I always got my deposit pending around the afternoon the day before pay day.

One week I checked my account and nothing was pending and the deposit wasn't on my card at the usual time. The deposit didn't get on the card till later that evening and it is doing the same thing this week as well. I called the corpse and they said they didn't know and couldn't help. So I called my employer and they confirmed that payroll has ben sent out.

last week we needed diapers for my two daughters and we live paycheck to paycheck and because of this we had to borrow money and that put us even deeper in the whole. My point it if your gonna handle peoples money and its not there when you say it will be do something about it. Other people like me and my family depend on there money to be there when they expect it.

please fix this problem this is the second week in a row this has happened. And me and my family need the money at the expected time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Global Cash Card Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I've had the same problem. It is a girl that works during the day and she is very unprofessional.

She failed to cancel my card when I reported it was stolen and someone ended up spending my whole paycheck on a weekend the day before my rent was due. Worst payroll employee I've ever encountered and I've been working at different places and dealing with different agencies for 9 years man.


I’m having the sameProblem and my membership dues for my work credentials were due last night!!! Still not *** money at 2am this morning says zero balance!!


It is below freezing here where I live, and 47 minutes past midnight (midnight is when I'm told funds are supposed to arrive) thankfully I'm a man who can survive in the cold because I'm out of gas at a local gas station due to global cash card not coming through. I am due a $1200 check, this is rediculous..

one vehicle.. Will have to call in to my employer tomorrow because of this crap.


All pay cards including direct deposit through a regular bank say you can get your money up to 2 days faster but most pay days are still Thursday or Friday an as such you should take that into account and not expect out to be there early always just because it was in the past !

to Anonymous #1099011

you can so tell thats a worker for the company saying this bs excuse...and as such bahaha

to Anonymous #1419931

My name is Chris (posted as asdv because tired and pissed).. I didn't take the original post that way at all and I'm tellin you bro or ma'am this is NOT the first time these crooks have let me down.

If anything I think you are a rep for global cash card.

Enjoy your day and remember... text doesn't convey emotion ***

to Anonymous Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1269475

Thats ***. Netspend is MetaBank and advertise 2 days faster. Global is holding like a bank waiting for a date on check.

to Anonymous #1449144


to Anonymous #1623942

A Real Bank Gives The Money At 12am every payday Every Week Every Year

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